Sue Kuhn

Let's dance


This is a practice that brings together body, mind and spirit in the unique expression that is yours.

Whatever your age, background or circumstance, with purpose or for no reason, it is a journey of discovery in this ever unfolding adventure of our lives.

Dance and movement facilitate presence and change: change of mood, change of attitude, letting go, acceptance. It is a way of resolving conflict and of discovering freedom, a pathway to ecstasy, a way of healing.

Sometimes it is ordinary, sometimes sublime. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it requires great courage. All it takes is your permission.

Start where you are, however that may be and move.

It is all an offering.

For each individual the experience is unique. It may be about discovering and relishing your body; honouring its wisdom, letting it speak, getting to love it. Or about relationship, being present to self and other as well as to what happens between you.

It can be about community, the environment, the interconnection of all things, exquisite uniqueness, sameness and diversity. For some it is sacred, gaining access to the divine within and without. And for others it's just great exercise.

It may be all of the above.

Mostly it's fun.

Let's dance.


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