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Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms


The 5 Rhythms make up a wave of energy. They are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Often referred to as the “wave”.

Rather than having set steps to follow, each Rhythm is a different energy field in which you can find your own expression and choreography, engaging your mind and imagination as well as your body. Each Rhythm is a teacher and you can expect to meet different and sometimes unknown aspects of yourself as your dance unfolds and your practice of the Rhythms deepens over time. The Rhythms are a series of healing maps that provide a lifetime of self-discovery and a path to awakening.

Below are described some aspects of each Rhythm:


Our ground of BEING. To arrive in our bodies and experience the teachings of the feminine regardless of our gender. Breath, weight, relaxing into constant flowing movement. Finding our feet, taking our place, receiving.


Moving into action. Expression, the expression of our hearts, our power, our passion. Intention, clarity, boundaries, definition. Following through, standing our ground. Relatedness, communication, the teachings of the masculine regardless of gender.


Letting go of what and who we think we are, releasing our heads, discovering our embodied wild mind, our ecstasy, our intuition, our centre in the storm.


"In Lyrical, we realise we have the freedom to keep shifting energies so as never to get stuck in any one possibility and to know that all possibilities are available to us at all times. Indeed Lyrical is the rhythm of the soul and the soul is a shapeshifter by nature.”

Gabrielle Roth

The ability to play, to see the world without judgment, freedom regardless of constraint, lightening up, joy.


Compassion. In the way that black contains and reflects all the colours, so stillness holds and reflects all the rhythms, allowing wisdom, healing, inspiration. The space of everything and nothing, the mystery.

"The mystery revealed me to myself as simply a moving meditation: I had to move to find the stillness…”

Gabrielle Roth

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