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I have been dancing all my life. As a little girl I danced in nature, with dreams of being a ballerina. I danced as a teenager at parties and in my room and as an adult at the end of each working day to release anything unwanted that I may have taken on.

I am passionate about the connection of body, mind and soul, about people, about movement, and this enquiry into life. I am a teacher, dancer, artist, psychotherapist, human being and lover of life.

My background is in the arts. I graduated from Camberwell School of Art, and did my post graduate at the Slade. As a painter in London I exhibited and taught before becoming involved in the human potential movement in the 70s. I became an international workshop leader, working in both the public and business worlds.

In the 80s I trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist (UKCP reg.), working in medical settings and the NHS as well as privately. I have completed the leadership training of the Marion Woodman Foundation and am trained in Family Constellations work. I have taught psychotherapy, and now run a private practice in Bath. I am a student of the Ridhwan School’s Diamond Approach to Inner Realisation.

I first started dancing the Rhythms in 1996 and was accredited to teach both the Waves and Heartbeat levels of this work by Gabrielle in 2000 and 2007 respectively. As well as facilitating classes and workshops for the general public I have taken this work into hospitals, rehab centres and schools.

I am currently a member of staff for the School of Movement Medicine.

My first experience of a 5 Rhythms workshop brought revelation: a whole lot of people doing versions of what I’d been doing by myself. It was great. I was initially self- conscious, as many people are to start, but that didn't last long, and I've never looked back.

The Rhythms have helped me through challenging times, through heartbreak, desolation, questioning and joy. They have given me more flexibility, more breath, more love and a way home to myself.

I am deeply grateful to all my many teachers both past and present.

"Sue Kuhn is a beautiful embodiment of feminine grace, funky beats, and wisdom born of lived experience. She feels the human condition deeply, and the compassion she brings to her work is the real thing. With Sue, you will learn to accept the human being you are and be inspired to reach and become the human being you could be. She is a rare gift."

Ya'Acov Darling Khan. Director of the School of Movement Medicine.

“Dancing with Sue has been a journey into freedom, to explore, cherish and feel. Because she doesn’t fill up the space I feel the right to claim my own. I dance my boredom and my fear; my grief and my joy and I always come home to myself. To hold the space and not fill it up is the art of a mature teacher. She brings lightness and wisdom, humility and insight.”

A participant.

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