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Drop in classes are held in Bath once a month on Saturday 7pm - 9.30pm at Claverton Down Community Hall, Bath, BA2 6DT
For dates and other workshops and events see calendar.

See calendar.

What happens on the dance floor?

In every class or workshop there is often a wide range of experience in the 5 Rhythms work, from those arriving for the first time to those who have been dancing for years.

We usually start with some time for ourselves to move and drop into our bodies, to let go of chatter and whatever we have been busy with. We would then continue into “the wave,” or an aspect of the wave, for example moving from a sense of weight and continuous movement in flowing, to more definition, offering out our expression in staccato, grounded release in chaos, lightness and increased awareness in lyrical, and coming home to ourselves in stillness. Usually a wide range of music is played to support your movement and to facilitate the changes of rhythm so that all you have to do is give yourself permission, follow instructions, move and discover within a safely held space.

Like the body the Rhythms are alive and designed to catalyse the dancer’s expression in the moment. You are different every time you walk in the room and so is the group and so is your teacher. Therefore, each class holds unique possibilities.

When you come to a class or workshop:

“Sue welcomes us all to the group each Wednesday and creates a safe and familiar space where I feel free to dance to the edges of my being - to explore, to play, to work stuff out on my own and with others. I love being a part of what happens when I meet somebody else in the dance, the pleasure of flowing in-between, creating a new space that is both magical and real. I love the honesty of the dance. I love the fact that I end up covered in sweat!”

Nicola, participant


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