"I always wanted to be a dancer and today I was"

"It was a daunting prospect to bring my deep sense of longing to dance, along with my life experiences of not allowing myself to dance, to meet on your dance floor. I can say now though that with each passing week I feel more connected to the once long lost dancer in me and that the hard held memories of standing, fixed, on the edge of the dance floor are becoming ever more faint. The sense that I have during the class is not of having a teacher in the room but of having a guide inside, speaking to the part of me that already knows that the path of surrender is the one true path."


"5 Rhythms gives me the opportunity to get out of my head and into my body, where I can be with myself and others in a more natural and authentic way. It is always a discovery. I love it."


"Dancing gives me freedom and release, a returning home, a sense of self. It reflects the wide range of emotions and lets me see them in me and in my life. Dancing is a joy that connects me with others and all aspects of life. I have travelled with the dance and it has become an important part of my life, my relationships and my ways of dealing with all nature of stress."


"I so look forward to 5R classes. The music captures my being in an instant!

I find that 5R provides for me a limitless space to move with ease and effortless fluidity. This becomes enhanced in unison and engagement with others and with a depth that I may choose. It catalyses me into finding a deeper sense of presence and reaching towards a meeting point between my body and inner flow of life. What may unfold are deep emotions and glimmers
of associated locked away memories .

Outstandingly for me it brings forth playfulness and joy and it tunes me into the various shapes of who I am and can be.

At the end of every class I emerge with more spring in my step and readiness to dance forth to the beat and challenges of life."


" At a class when I skim and swirl across the space I am flying bright wide skies, fingers spanning broad blue lakes, I am sewing seeds into hot red earth, I am starring in a dark and seedy dancehall, I am dancing in a dusty school hall, I am looking at my funny feet, at Solsbury Hill, at the way that other person moves their shoulder! I am beautiful and free, I am weak and heavy, I am a monster, a circus performer, a dancer, an elephant, a bird, a woman, a man. I am in this movement and I am being whirled about, no effort required! Sometimes it is dark, sometimes light, the colours change. I love the work involved in the dance, the ongoing struggle (for me) of trying to quieten my chattering mind, suspend judgement of self and other, be with what is and, above all listen to my body and follow what is there. I try to extend this to other parts of my life, to help me connect honestly with others and to help me heal."


'In all the twisting and turning of my life it was with Sue, dancing, that I discovered my still point. When I was unable to move my legs briefly, due to an accident, I experienced Sue's encouragement, intuitive observation, inspirational music and willingness to accompany me on my journey. Transformational. The rhythms allowed me to pass through a place of internal conflict.'


"5 Rhythms makes me connect to the joy within me."


"I have loved to dance since I was a teenager in the 60's. I only discovered the 5 Rhythms in the last year and it has been an extremely timely discovery. During this year I have been going through the pain and anguish of separation and have found that going more or less weekly to a 5 Rhythms class has helped me find joy in the midst of my sadness, given me strength to get through the tough times and shown me that I can find a life again after such a loss. I am hugely grateful to Sue Kuhn for the music she has played and the guidance she has given in her classes. It is testament to her light but sure touch that newcomers to the group often remark how safe and welcome they feel from the start. I know I felt this and now find delight in the company of others sharing the love of movement and the joy of dance."



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